Firearm Education and Training

Responsible gun ownership requires knowledge, training, and practice to prevent accidents and misuse

Law Optional, Safety Essential: Why Florida's CCW Permit Still Matters!

Despite changes to Florida's gun laws, a CCW permit continues to offer substantial advantages in terms of personal safety, convenience, legal protection, and responsible gun ownership.

Pros of Having a CCW Permit

  • A CCW permit is key in defensive situations - it identifies you as the 'good guy' when law enforcement arrives.

  • Fast-Track Purchase: Skip the 3-day wait period for buying firearms when you have a CCW - it's all about the paperwork and background check.

  • Reciprocity: With a concealed carry permit, individuals are granted the privilege to carry firearms in many states, enhancing self-defense across borders.

  • Education and Training: The process of obtaining a CCW permit includes safety training and education about gun laws, ensuring you are well-informed and responsible with your firearm.


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Professional Instruction for Everyone

The Concealed Weapon Permit Certification Course is the ideal program for those looking to responsibly carry a concealed weapon.

Taught by licensed professionals, including an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, the course offers top-tier firearm training essential for obtaining a Concealed Weapon License.

Participants will receive comprehensive course materials and training, a certificate upon completion, and personalized one-on-one shooting instruction. This course is a perfect blend of expertise, convenience, and practicality for any aspiring concealed weapon carrier.

The Importance of Gun Safety Training

Gun safety training is of utmost importance as it provides individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle firearms safely, minimizing the risk of accidents and tragedies.

It promotes responsible gun ownership by instilling accountability, adherence to legal requirements, and ethical considerations. Additionally, it enhances self-defense capabilities by empowering individuals to make informed decisions and develop effective response strategies. Gun safety training fosters confidence and competence among firearm owners, improving accuracy and proficiency in firearm handling. Overall, it plays a pivotal role in promoting safety, responsible ownership, and self-defense while upholding the well-being of individuals and communities.

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What Our Students Say

The owner is a former Marine and a phenomenal and caring person. He will go out of his way to ensure you have success when purchasing the items you need as well as gun safety.

Ira M. Lockhart


I would definitely recommend this class so you know everything from the anatomy of a gun to the proper way of handling one. I am more confident now that I have taken this class!! Thank you Brian!

Brandie Durie


Brian did an outstanding job on instructing our class from the beginning to the very end, if you are thinking of obtaining your conceal and carry this will be the place to go, he is the BEST in the business.

Kay Marie


Mr. Gordon was a great instructor and I would definitely recommend him to anyone! Thanks so much for your guidance.

Josephine Wayne


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